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Spring Cleaning

We are into May now, and I realize I haven't posted much. I've been training and coaching and living life, so while it seems like not much has happened, plenty has. Here is a list of notable events:

  •  Road tripped to Clemson, South Carolina and trained with an awesome crew for the month of February

Watching the Clemson Tigers at a Baseball game

Time trial up Caesar's head 

Sunny day on the lake

  • Drove from Clemson to Clermont, Florida, for 2 weeks of training prior to ITU Sarasota Continental Championships at the beginning of March. I coached a couple sessions with the LPC camp! What a great camp! James and Mark do an amazing job, and all the athletes were having a blast as far as I could tell. I also cheered on the Canadians at the Clermont Continental Cup. 

Swim coach at the NTC with LPCers

Back in orange country

RTC boys doing work (1-2-3 Work Hard, 4-5-6 Together!)

Joanna and I being team Moms at the race

Exploring Downtown Disney for dinner

  • Drove from Clermont to just outside of Tampa (because we were unsuccessful in finding accommodations in Sarasota!), and got settled into a luxurious Motel 6 for two nights. I raced the swim-bike in Sarasota, but unfortunately made a call to pull out on the run due to an unhappy achilles tendon. 

The glamorous life of pro triathletes

Sarasota elite women start

  • After doing some training and watching the Canadian teams crush the relays, Johnny, Alexander and I rinsed off in alligator swamp-lake and commenced our very long road trip home. We drove from 3pm until about 2 am, stopped at a $44 Red Roof Inn (split 3 ways!), and then continued on in the morning until we made it home around 10pm. It was glorious. 

Sunset on day 1 

Zander takes the wheel

Our fitness stop

  • Back in Guelph it took about a bit longer than expected to recover from the trip (read "drive"), but then training settled back into a good rhythm. We joined Simon Whitfield, Jennifer Sygo and Toronto Triathlon Festival organizers for a little Q&A in Toronto mid April, and were treated to a beautiful day there! Thanks for having us TTF! 

Getting ready to answer some Questions 

Coach, Jennifer Sygo, and Simon answering questions

Gym with strength coach Jordan Foley

  • On a more personal note, I have been working with Champion System on perfecting a SuperAlex kit! Here is a 3D proof of it. Once I get things rolling, I'll put in an order for anyone who also wants to be super. So let me know if you would like a super jersey, or cycling jacket, or vest...or really anything! 

SuperAlex kit

  • Finally (we have caught up to present day), I did my first Speed River hammerfest ride last night! I was pretty nervous (there is a lot of hype around the Speed River rides), but it was awesome and I had tons of fun! 

I have a great team of sponsors/partners this year, so thank you Argon 18 and Ciclo Werks for the awesome bike (I love baby Argon so much!). I'm about to get my new racing wheels from Easton, and I am so excited about that! Just in time for my racing season to start! Skechers has me building up my running swiftly with style! CEP is keeping my achilles happy. Champion System is obviously going above and beyond for me with the SuperAlex kit and new racing suits! And I have yet to swim in my blue seventy wetsuit open water, but it feels amazing in a pool. Also thanks Team LPC for the lovely welcome into the LPC family!

Later Dudes

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