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2018 Reflections

What Even Happened this Year??? 

In contrast to previous years of my life which could be tracked and evaluated based off of training camps, races, and race results, 2019 marks 2.5 years since retiring from triathlon, and thus my 2nd year evaluating my life as a regular person. So… how do I evaluate my life??? 

I guess this is where writing down your yearly goals comes in handy. {Side note: all of my athletes should have sent me their 2019 goals by now.}

In April I wrote a post entitled “On wandering but not being lost”, and in it I described how hard moving on from elite sport has been for me. That said, I’m happy to report now that at 2.5 years post retirement, I am feeling much better about it all! Maybe it takes 2.5 years to find your groove? I’m less neurotic about working-out all the time (maybe still a little neurotic). I also feel like my metabolism has finally normalized. I can now gain or lose weight according to regular calories-in-calories-out principles. {side note 2: Even without eating-disorders, the constant dipping in and out of RED-S as an elite triathlete wreaks havoc on your metabolism, and takes a bit of time to recover. I am sure that for athletes who have gone further down the RED-S and OTS pathway(s), it is an even longer recovery.} I am happy to report that not only does the psychological aspect of retiring from sport ameliorate after a while, but the physical does as well! Be patient my friends. 

So how did 2018 go? In January last year I believe I was still finishing up my MSc papers, which have been published here, here, and here. We also had a couple other papers published including a RED-S paper, and a swimmer vs runner cardiac-function paper. 

For the entire month of May, Trevor and I tested athletes competing in the Sulphur Springs Ultramarathon. At the end of the month, the whole lab came together and helped me out on race day. It was a 30+ hour data collection involving pretty much 0 sleep, over 60 athletes, and was the hardest data-collection I have ever done. Hopefully it maintains that position! Altogether it was a weekend I (we) will never forget. 

For the rest of the summer I worked on data analysis, which turns out is very very long when you are analyzing blood, FMD, and echocardiography. I still have at least 80 FMD tests to analyze from the Ultramarathon study…. So Bother. I also went out West twice for 3 weddings!! Austin and I spent some time climbing and adventuring in between weddings in August, and it was lovely. The weddings themselves were also amazing! Congrats Noe & ARuss, Ali & Kyle, and Mark & Gill! Xoxox to you all!

Then I had ACL reconstruction surgery… almost forgot about that. 

This past fall-winter I started data collection on my second PhD study involving the effects of induced-inflammation and cardiovascular function during exercise! I had a lot of gentlemen suffer on the bike for me for this one. Thank you old friends and new friends!

And then I turned 29! Blah. So that is the end of 2018! I suppose a goal for 2019 is to make this final year in my 20s pretty darn awesome! (I will write down some tangible goals so that next year’s recap is a little smoother). 

Later Dudes,


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