Kyla & Alex

Canadian Triathletes


Kyla and Alex Coates are 25 year-old identical twins, and elite triathletes. Raised in Calgary, they moved to Victoria, B.C at the age of 17 to train with the National Triathlon Centre and to study at the University of Victoria. Having graduated with BSc. Kinesiology degrees with distinction (and honours for Alex), they now apply their experience, inquisitiveness and determination towards maximizing their own athletic careers, as well as helping others through coaching. Kyla is currently a CSEP certified exercise physiologist and is coaching with Mercury Rising Triathlon in Victoria. Alex has made the move to Guelph, Ontario, to train with Craig Taylor's national squad. She is a certified personal trainer and coach, and is coaching for Loaring Personal Coaching. She is also pursuing her MSc in Exercise Physiology at the University of Guelph.

They both hope to pursue further education and research in sports physiology. Kyla & Alex love being active, love adventuring outdoors, creativity, and love helping others lead healthy & fulfilling lifestyles.

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