Kyla & Alex

Canadian Triathletes

Beers and mochas at the top of the mountain! Bye family- I had the best Christmas, New Years, Birthday trip! 😢

38.5km later...and I'll never walk again 😵🎉woooo happy new year

My 2016 was full of big changes and big adventures. Finished off my triathlon career, spent countless hours in the exercise lab, coached, climbed, camped, mountain biked, had a blast at @kylacoates and @vinniearmato's reception, and am ringing in the New Year with a big ski! Onwards and upwards mes amis! 💙🗻🌲

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Awesome weekend! I'm thankful for amazing friends and family, and to live in Canada 🇨🇦🍾❄️💍

Coach Mike and athlete Shawn racing the 15k TT for my study!