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Canadian Triathletes, Coaches, & Exercise Scientists

Pirate was in a state and refused to walk from the house (it was: car ride or nothing). So we skipped dinner and drove to different trails (3 min away) and it was worth it. 🏴‍☠️

Could I bike to school without biking on a major roadway: trial 1. . Findings: not time effectively

Put insta back on the phone for this redneckery 🎉

We back to the city 😔, but feeling a little more ready to tackle real life after ☀️mornings refilling the heart energies 💙☕️

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“Sorry for the late notice but I’ll be working remotely next week” 🤷‍♀️

My pow series from our quick lap this morning. . Nelson was good to us 🥰. We almost didn’t head out of town because I was feeling swamped with work. Nobody else takes advantage of having no classes to teach during reading week to fit in some living, so I feel guilty every year. But every year it is worth it. Plus I’m getting really good at writing in the car 🤓.

Even if you know that exercise improves productivity, sanity, sleep, health & kindness towards others (i.e. husbands), it’s always a challenge to make the time. After a stupid last few weeks, I decided to make it happen regardless. The workload won’t get better any time soon, so might as well prioritize happiness. 💕 Even if it’s -30’C happiness. #magicisoutdoors